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ISO 9001 Consulting, Training and Auditing

Why Should Your Organization Get ISO 9001 Certified?

The ISO 9001 Standard is a tool that can help you better manage your organization. Like any other business tool, how much it helps will depend on how well you put it to use. This requires your organization to be clear on the benefits to be gained and how it plans to use ISO 9001 to achieve them.

ISO 9000 quality management system standards has been around for over 30 years. Nearly a million organizations have been certified to one or more of the various ISO published business management system standards. Many studies have been conducted on the impact of these standards on industry and and the overall feedback on how it has helped companies is summarized below:

External Benefits
•  Increased business competitive edge and market share
•  Improved customer confidence and satisfaction
•  Improved conformity to customer and regulatory quality requirements

Internal Benefits
•  Improved operational efficiency and productivity
•  Improved process consistency and stability
•  Facilitated continual improvement
•  Improved focus and effectiveness of training programs
•  Improved employee motivation and participation
•  Led to improved supplier performance
•  Increased business profitability

The extent of these benefits obviously vary from one organization to another, but those organizations that planned and implemented ISO 9001 using external professional help gained far superior results, both in terms of speed of implementation and effectiveness of results. The payback on investment was recouped anywhere between 1-2 years, often sooner.

How Can We Help You?

Ask Art Solutions provides expert consulting, training and auditing services for the ISO 9001 management system standard. Our focus is on providing timely and cost-effective solutions for your system development, implementation, training and auditing needs.

Business management systems - whether for quality, automotive, environmental, or other, are generally not too difficult to implement and get certified. The difficulty arises in truly using it as a tool to improve your business and obtain the benefits listed above to the fullest extent.

Our goal is to help you develop business management systems that besides getting certified, improve operational performance and customer satisfaction, reduce business risks and increase profitability.

Understanding ISO 9001 Course

This course provides a clear and in-depth understanding of the intent and implication of each clause and sub-clause of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. While not intended to serve as an implementation guide, this document should provide sufficient insight for a quality practitioner to develop and implement an effective ISO 9001 based quality management system (QMS).

This document can help QMS practioners achieve the following:

  • Beginners - to understand and apply ISO 9001 requirements. 
  • QMS managers - to develop a more effective QMS for their organization. 
  • QMS auditors - to conduct more effective QMS audits. 
  • Top management - to gain an understanding of ISO 9001 as a business tool. 
  • Consultants - to provide value-added service to their clients. 

This course provides the following information:

1. A PDF document of solid no-fluff content explaining every clause and sub-clause of the ISO 9001 standard totaling more than a hundred pages. You can preview the Table Of Contents here

Table Of Contents 

2. Three exercises with nearly 200 questions covering true/false; multiple choice and narrative type questions.

3. Answers are also provided for the 150+ true/false and multiple choice questions.

This course has been taught to hundreds of students in classroom mode and is very popular with those pursuing auditing and consulting careers. With the depth of the course material and vast scope of the test questions, you will easily achieve the objectives listed above.

Understanding ISO 9001:2008 course

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ISO 9001 Consulting Services

•  Gap Assessments
Project Planning and Organization
Process Identification and Documentation
System Development and Implementation
Management System Documentation
Documentation Reviews
Support during the Certification Process
•  Continual Improvement Process

ISO 9001 Auditing Services

•  Gap Assessment
 Pre-Assessment Audit
 Hands-on Practice Internal Auditor Training
 Maintain your Internal Audit Program
 Supplier Development Program

ISO 9001 Training Courses

•  Understanding ISO 9001:2008
Implementing ISO 9001:2008
ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditor Course

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 Understanding ISO 9001 Course:

An in-depth explanation of each and every clause of the ISO 9001 standard. For more information: